OTT Operation Promotion

The video service platform based on open Internet, our partners to provide high quality service channel cooperation and appropriate content distribution service, accurate advertising service and perfect event planning services, create more business value for customers.

Channel cooperation: we provide worldwide multilingual channels of cooperation, including Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and so on, for you to find more business partners in these countries, find potential business opportunities.

Content release: according to the local hot spots and habits, to complete the layout and release of media content, so that the content of the program to meet the needs of local users. So as to achieve the purpose of increasing the number of active users, enhance the value of promotion services.

Advertising: through product research, collect user feedback, user behavior analysis, for customers to quickly determine the effective advertising, delivery time, delivery crowd scenes, so as to provide more valuable advertising push platform.

Event planning: the use of large data analysis and modeling, to explore the product explosion point, to predict the effect of activities to enhance customer satisfaction; identify products and business processes, the key attraction, so that the activities more fruitful.

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